New Wendy’s and Smart Open in Vake, Employing 300 People
 21/04/2014 00:00 (0-22:0-43 minutes ago)

Wissol Group is expanding the American restaurant network Wendy’s and supermarket network Smart in Tbilisi. The new branches, located in Vake, on Chavchavadze Avenue, will be employing a total of 300 people. The new Vake supermarket is the 13th branch for Smart. As for Wendy’s, it’s the second branch of the American restaurant in the country. Wissol Group has stated that a new product - the ‘Portabella Melt’ burger, has been introduced in the new restaurant. Wendy’s in Georgia is the product of Wissol Group’s partnership with the U.S. Overseas Private Development Corporation (OPIC) who provided USD 18.9 million in start-up financing.




Lowest Interest Rate for Mortgages Offered by TBC Bank
 21/04/2014 00:00 (0-22:0-43 minutes ago)

TBC Bank is offering a new mortgage loan which has been developed specially for potential clients of Lisi Development, and has an interest rate which ranges from 0% to 8.44%. The percentage-free loan applies to a 15 month term, and in the case of a 5-year loan the interest rate is 8.44%, lower than the standard rate per annum.




Hospitality Industry Boom in Georgia
 21/04/2014 00:00 (0-22:0-43 minutes ago)

There is an unprecedented boom happening in the hospitality industry in emerging markets worldwide, including Georgia, according to Jeffrey Catrett from the Institut Paul Bocuse, for the MSc in International Hospitality Management at EMLYON business school. He lists the blossoming Georgian wine tourism industry as one specific example and says that, as investment increases in both the leisure and business hospitality sectors, emerging markets such as Georgia must invest in training the managerial talent to keep pace with the expansion.




Cement Market Narrows
 21/04/2014 00:00 (0-22:0-43 minutes ago)

Leader Cement, a new company in the cement industry, has entered into technical partnership with French company Lafarge, world leader in building materials, specializing in cement, construction and aggregates. Leader Cement is expected to become the main competitor of HeidelbergCement Georgia, which currently holds the leading position in the Georgian cement market.







American Express Reports First Quarter EPS of $1.33, Up 16 Percent from a Year Ago
 19/04/2014 14:24 (10:53 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- American Express Company reported first-quarter net income of $1.4 billion, up from $1.3 billion a year ago. Diluted earnings per share rose 16 percent to $1.33, from $1.15 a year ago, according to the American Express Company.

Bridging the Family Business Generation Gap
 19/04/2014 14:05 (11:12 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- The transition from one generation to the next can make or break a family business; and as the 'baby boomers' hand over to the 'millennials', the risks of getting it wrong have never been greater, according to PwC.

Hacking Health: How Consumers Use Smartphones and Wearable Tech to Track Their Health
 19/04/2014 14:01 (11:16 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAl -- Wearable tech is a hot trend this season, seen on the sleeves of consumers walking down the street—and even on models walking the runway.

Money Matters: Upscale Millennials are Saving for Tomorrow
 19/04/2014 13:46 (11:31 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- Around the globe, Millennials are commanding attention.

Major Cloud Service Providers Slash Prices; Threaten Smaller Players’ Existence: IDC Warns
 19/04/2014 13:40 (11:37 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- In the last week of March, major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in Asia dropped their prices for core services dramatically and IDC believes that this will make it very difficult for smaller CSPs to remain in business if they continue to rely on provision of basic, undifferentiated services, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

Accenture and Avanade Complete Digital Workplace Implementation at Standard Life
 19/04/2014 12:55 (12:22 minutes ago)

The FINANCIAL -- Accenture and Avanade have completed the implementation of a new suite of collaborative workplace technologies at Standard Life.

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